Skype Pro Fraud

Quite a lot of people complain (on the Skype Forum) about the fact that calls to national landlines are charged, even after subscribing to SkypePro.
People should read the small text on the bottom of the page:
When you click on it, you find the very limited list of countries where it is valid (click on the image).

It is a very nasty trick from nasty companies to place very essential information on another webpage! I still do believe Skype is a friendly company!

Therefore i would like to suggest to Skype to adapt their webpage in the following way:
This isn’t difficult! And this would be honest customer information!


Anonymous said...

This Skype business is ripe for some regulation, because their services and billing are such a mess. I'll go for the unlimited calling plan thanks to your clarification. Ebay I'm sure would rather it be unlimited billing and maximum obfuscation.

Jean Mercier said...

I don't agree with "regulation"!

How can you regulate a "global" business? Working in all countries of the world?

It will regulate itself or get regulated by competition and customers!