Outage Update and News?

We can expect some information about the Skype outage soon! Villu Arak from the Skype Blogs told it: "On Monday, we’ll provide a more detailed explanation of what happened."

In the meantime Skype Journal said "this" about the new Skype client that was released in the middle of the Outage Hurricane: "Minor update. Not related to "the blackout," just a few small bugfixes and an update to Extras manager.".

Are they (Skype Journal) naive? Would you clean your house while a hurricane is blowing it away? Come on!!!!! Readers here should know that Skype almost always released its new versions of the Windows Skype client on a Wednesday ... and this release was on a Friday. And why did they replace during some hours this new version by an older version (i downloaded a, while the webpage said it was a .214!)?

What i hope to see in the detailed explanation of Skype are some YES/NO ANSWERS and DETAILS ABOUT WHY and WHAT Skype did to solve the problems on the following questions:
  1. Were the servers hacked? (YES/NO)
  2. Was it due to the Windows updates? (YES/NO)
  3. Why was the forum unavailable for several hours?
  4. Why did client download speed increase so dramatically while at the same time users online went down?
  5. Why did Skype release a new version of its software during a critical outage?
  6. Why did Skype put back an older version of the software during some hours?
  7. What role did Supernodes play in the outage and in the recovery process?
  8. Were the past partial outages of last year related to this complete outage? (YES/NO)
  9. Why, if this was an old "2003" bug didn't they solve it in the past?
  10. Why did automatic login fail?
  11. The user count increased slowly over a period of hours. Why did the fix not yield faster results?
  12. Why did they call it algorithm issues in the networking software?
  13. How did they fix it and is it a lasting solution?
  14. How will they refund or reimburse paying customers for their service failures?
Some of the questions above where taken from questions raised by Skype Forum Super User member Spud5 (link here), and some other places.

I understand the "technical" explanation will have to be simple (competitors and hackers are also listening), but the public wants answers!

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