The fastest million ever

Yesterday Skype reached another million milestone: 22 million concurrent users online. There was never such a short time span between two million milestones! Only 7 days!
Therefore this is two records at once!

At the same time several bloggers and web papers reported the recent numbers of TeleGeography: “Skype traffic increases at astonishing pace”;

Astonishing, and still, not really surprising: Skype to Skype calls are free and the quality of the calls is superb, video included!


Again misleading numbers!

From BusinessWeek, today:
Skype has more than 520 million users and is the largest provider of international calling, accounting for 12 percent of cross-border voice traffic, according to Washington-based research firm Telegeography. Skype has said it’s on schedule to generate $1 billion in sales in 2011.

If the number of users is true, this would mean that one out of 13 inhabitants of this planet is using Skype! As i already said before, this is complete nonsense. If Skype continues to grow, soon they will have more users then people on this World (grin).

What about dead Skype users, users who have multiple accounts (for various reasons going from scamming to honest reasons), users who abandoned Skype, etc. etc. ?????

And I will always continue to mention those Skype lies, every time I discover them!

By the way, congratulations to the new Chairman of Skype. I hope mister Miles Flint will read this, and ask the Skype Management to publish honest numbers!


21 million concurrent users online

Right now, 18h55 GMT+2 there are about 21,200,000 users online.

But it was already yesterday January 11 that the 21 million milestone was reached.

Well, the growth is going on!


Skype RSS feeds down

Is this due to the new management of Skype after departing (partially) from eBay?

The RSS feeds concerning number of users online and the number of downloads got stuck on November 30!

I hope the new management will improve the information they provide to the public, and will communicate some "real numbers" concerning the "active users".

Of course, and I hope this doesn't change, the number of concurrent users onlmine is still visible in the Skype client, and right now (15h30 GMT+2, Sunday January 10) it was: