Skype calling minutes in 2011

Steve Ballmer from Skype (or is he from another company ;-) told the World that there were 300 billion minutes of Skype calls in 2011.
I added the data to my “historical” graph.

He doesn’t say however if it are only Skype-to-Skype calls like my graph suggests

He also speaks about 200 million people who used Skype in 2011. The last number is probably still an exaggeration compared to the actual real users (some people test Skype and never use it again) but a much better indication than the number of “user accounts” that Skype used to publicize in the past calling it “users”!


Passed: 31 million milestone

Finally, after 294 days, Skype crossed again a “million milestone” of concurrent users online: 31 million today, and even 31.545.425 million some minutes ago (at 17:50 GMT*), data captured through the Skype RSS** feeds.

The 294 days waiting time, is the longest period ever between two million milestones, excluding the first million that took 418 days!

At least, some growth again!

*GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
**RSS: RDF Site Summary