The days after Microsoft

It was big news on May 10: Skype bought for 8.5 billion dollar by Microsoft. Most comments (72% of 187) of Skype users on the Skype Blog were negative or worried: anger, sorrow, fear, ...
The funniest comment was “That's great, how do I delete my account?”!

But the announcement had one very positive effect, see the graph below ...
Before May 12, the speed of downloads was about 700/minute (see the blue curve from the Japanese site nyanyan.to). Then, during a period of about 24 hours there has apparently been some kind of a problem: the downloads stopped! Was there a bug in the download counter or did the downloadservers go down?

And then, after Friday the 13th there were massive amounts of downloads. Skype was downloaded at speeds of 3500 per minute!

It seems that a lot of people suddenly heard for the first time of their lives about Skype!

(The red curve is the daily or nightly fluctuation of Skype users online).


From my Flemish Financial Newspaper

Translated from Dutch:
I bought Skype!
But I don’t call any longer, because it costs money!

from De Tijd, May 11, 2011