1 out of each 177 earth inhabitants online !

38 and 39 million people online today !

Quite amazing growth the last weeks. In less than one month Skype added 6 million concurrent people online! Never seen such a growth!
As Steve Schoen from Hawaii noticed, with a world population of 7,003,003,370 this means that 1 out of 177 people on this planet was running a Skype client on his computer or mobile device (with 39.5 million people online some minutes ago!). Of course, some are running more than one account at the same time, like I often do, but I guess this is a minority!


And it goes on ... 37 million

37.545.575 users online some minutes ago, amazing growth!

In two weeks 5 million milestone crossings: never happened before! Last year, March 28, we were at 30 million, and then nothing for the rest of the year! I complained about it! And since January we added 7 millions!

Amazing, amazing!


36 Million

Some minutes ago I saw (18:30 GMT) I saw 36.1 million people online on my Skype client ... NOT on the RSS Skype feed (35.871.682 there).

I was mentally too late for the screenshot, a pity!

Growth is going on ... :-)


35 million WAW

And it goes fast the last two weeks:
Some minutes ago it was already 35.9 million concurrent users online according to my Skype client.

Download speed of the Skype clients is also quite high: 2500 downloads per minute, not the highest I have seen, but much higher than usual.

Therefore: 36 million concurrent users online today (then I will adapt my post) or tomorrow?