Download counter working again!

The Skype client has been downloaded 1.855 billion times according to the RSS feed. The download speed is about 1300 times per minute!

The counter was however down since May 2010. And before that date, the last download number was 2.438 billion times! (See the chart).

Why do I have more confidence in the 1.855 billion number? Well, in April 2009 I also noticed that the RSS feed was down, and after working again there was a strange upward jump in number of downloads and speed! I blogged about it and even got some private comments from Skype staff when I pretended that the new download number at that moment was flawed (first they seemed to agree, then they told me the new number was correct)!

Now, the last number of last week seems to be in line with the extrapolation of the download curve before April 2009, see the red line in the inserted graph!

I am happy to have again the number of downloads, because at least, even if it is not the most interesting indicator, it is, with the number of concurrent users online the only number that can be followed up day by day. I would like to receive more information from Skype (financial data, usage numbers, etc.), but the information became very scarce after they left eBay!


29 million concurrent users online

January 17: 28 million people online at the same time.

February 21: 29 million!

... and growing!


Social Networking iPhone Apps

On the Belgian iPhone apps store you can find in the top-100 of most downloaded apps this classification for Social Networking apps (by position number of all downloaded apps):

15: Facebook

21: Skype

22: Viber – Free Phone Calls

35: Windows Live Messenger

52: foursquare

55: Twitter

Interesting to see that only Facebook beats Skype!