Skype back to Europe?

In April 2007 i noticed that the RSS feed of Skype for data on number of downloads and users online, changed somewhat: the hour was the “New York” time instead of the GMT+0 time, and i blogged on this: Headquarters in New York?

From November 12 on, the RSS feeds were down for almost one month, and came back some weeks ago. Better late then never, but this weekend i noticed that something else happened:
the time was set again to GMT+0: 9969495 Users Online Now Tue, 18 Dec 2007 20:40:01 +0000.

Good! But it could be that something else is happening anyway! Is Skype moving back to Europe, and loosening the chains with eBay?


Latest hidden emoticon

Not really a funny one, but through a chat with another crazy fanatical Skype user i found the latest hidden emoticon: type “(myspace)” in your chat window, send it, and you get it!
Read here why they added the MySpace emoticon: MySpace, Skype to offer calls on social network.

The Skype calls through MySpace will be web based! Perhaps the beginning of a new surge in Skype users?

All the emoticons, including the hidden ones (but still not the MySpace emoticon) and all the flags can be found here: Skype Emoticons Cheatsheet.


Again Skype RSS feeds!

The RSS feeds of users online and Skype client downloads are working again, after one “frozen” month. This will make my number analysis easier again! It got stuck since November 12!

And on the graph below (from nyanyan.to), we can see that Skype reached an “all times” record number of concurrent users online: i saw 10.649.190 on my Skype client!