Skype is down (yes again!)

In August 2006, moments after reaching 7 million concurrent users online for the first time in its history, the Skype cloud got frozen, see my post “Frozen Skype Cloud”, and some more comments in September of the same year.

Well, it seems we have a similar problem today December 22: I could not log in, and the problem isn’t on my side: the concurrent users online are reaching levels of only 5 million users online according to the erratic Skype RSS feeds (5.138.992 at 18:40 GMT), and below 9 million according to the nice Nyanyan graphs, while it should be way above 20 million at this time of the day.

Skype servers down? Skype supernodes down? And why? The Skype blog isn’t accessible, the Skype website seems to be OK, the Skype forum seems to be unavailable, the Skype RSS Feeds gives sometimes the “cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server error”, etc.

And by the way, the Skype RSS feeds don’t give amount of downloads anymore, and this since ages!

So, what happens Skype?

Skype is down (again!)

I'll publish more in the next minutes!