7 minutes Skype calling time per day per user

Some days ago Skype proudly announced that their users spend a total amount of 2 billion minutes per day on Skype.

Some 2 months ago Skype told the world that there were more than 280 million active users each month, see a previous blog!

Using these two numbers, this means that the average daily time spend on Skype calls is 7 minutes per active user! A lot of them probably with video, therefore more enjoyable than an ordinary phone call!


55 million concurrent people online

So, again a million ”crossover”, 55 million people, simultaneously online, on Skype ! Nice! Last (Northern Hemisphere) school year we had 11 milestones like this! This was a record.

The vertical lines are NOT January 1 lines, but 20 of August lines. Why this choice? Because in (Northern Hemisphere) summer there is no apparent growth of concurrent users online. How many already this school year, in fact the 10th school year since the launch of Skype? Count for yourself or see the answer below the graph ...

14 million crossovers and end of June is still quite far away! Yes, the Skype user base is still growing!