Download speed of Skype client accelerating!

If the RSS feed of Skype provides correct numbers (and I don’t doubt about it!) we will see in the next days a serious increase of concurrent Skype users online! Indeed, the last days the number of downloads of the Skype client has a main speed of 4200 downloads per minute, and I even saw a speed of 6375 downloads/minute, never saw such a high speed before! (I don’t monitor on a continuous basis, therefore there probably were even higher download speeds!)
Exciting times ahead :-)


50 million concurrent users online !

Today, Skype crossed the 49 million AND the 50 million marks of concurrent users online !
More mobile devices, the MSN integration and the let’s not forget the natural growth of users worldwide!
This means that one out of each 140 people in the World was online at the same moment (if we forget multiple accounts of one user – I had two running!).

On September 5, 2003 there were "only" 44,444 people online at some moment of that day (I don’t have the hour)!

Where will it stop?


And, 48 million people online today!

Yesterday, a Sunday, 47 million, and more than 48 million people online today. So, this means something is happening.

Steve Schoen, from Hawaii, and one of my most regular readers thinks that two factors could explain this sudden "online users" surge:

Both announcements were made on January 10 on the Skype Blogs!


47 million on a Sunday, first time ever!

It never happened before that Skype crossed a million milestone on a Sunday, but it happened today:
47 million people online at about 18h GMT, thanks to Steven Schoen from Honolulu – Hawaii who warned me!

On weekends Skype usually doesn’t break records. Million Milestones were never crossed on a Friday (Muslim weekend), Saturday or Sunday (Christian weekend), and now for the first time ever a Sunday, strange, almost funny!
And Happy New Year to all my readers!