50 million concurrent users online !

Today, Skype crossed the 49 million AND the 50 million marks of concurrent users online !
More mobile devices, the MSN integration and the let’s not forget the natural growth of users worldwide!
This means that one out of each 140 people in the World was online at the same moment (if we forget multiple accounts of one user – I had two running!).

On September 5, 2003 there were "only" 44,444 people online at some moment of that day (I don’t have the hour)!

Where will it stop?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean. I made a Print Screen when it reached 50 Million users first time. Greetings Oliver

Jean Mercier said...

Well, if you send it to the website of my company (see right side of this blog) I'll publish it with your name in it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean. I do that, this week. Greetings O. Kuhn.

Tommy said...

Hello Jean,

This is a great graph! I have 3 questions for you:
1- Do every dot represent a snapshot of the number of online users at a given time every week/day?
2- I would like with your permission to use the graph you have prepared here. is this OK and if so how?
3- Would it also be possible (still referring to your work) to get the data for visualization in a slightly different format?

Please contact me at my Google account if you need to.

Thomas Potier

Jean Mercier said...

Hello Thomas,
Question 1: yes!
Question 2 & 3: probably yes if you give me an explanation "why" and tell me something more about you.

You can e-mail me at the mail address of my (outdated) professional website.



Anonymous said...

hey can you provide me the number of skype accounts in Mexico.


Jean Mercier said...


Who are you?