Only numbers

The main goal of this blog is discussing about Skype numbers: concurrent users online, downloads of the Skype software, revenue, Skype forum visits, etc.

Therefore i added a “link” category to the right side of my blog: “Only numbers”!

I will discuss them one by one in reverse order of my preference!

  • Alexa is a site where you can see the evolution of webpage visits of a particular web domain name. You can see a daily traffic rank trend over several months, and some other details like the countries where the visits come from.
  • I discovered SkypeStats.com some days ago. It gives a daily updated curve of the concurrent Skype users online, in UTC time scale. Nicely presented!
  • Nyanyan.to is a Japanese site. It gives two curves, the Skype online and download chart last 7 days updated every 24 hours and my favourite one, the Skype online and download chart last 40 hours (see an example below). This one is updated every few minutes! On both graphs, if you wander with your mouse over the curves, it gives the corresponding number of that particular measuring point! The only things i regret is that the horizontal scale is the Japanese time zone instead of GMT, and that the weekly graph sometimes makes a “date” mistake.
Concerning the graph above, we notice something that i commented in the past. Yesterday at peaktime we reached 8.5 million concurrent users online. Still much less then the 9.6 million i noticed some months ago. But this "low number" is due to Holiday period in Northern Hemisphere.
Today we ONLY reached 7.8 million people online, that is 700 thousand less than yesterday.

Explanation? Yes, i have one! Holidays and weekends are bad for the number of concurrent users online! Today was August 15, and more than 60 countries had a Holiday, including Belgium. Most were Catholic countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Indeed it was Assumption Day. Some of these countries are really big Skype countries: France, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, …

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