Dormant bug? Yes!

I wish a peaceful weekend to the Skype engineers and IT staff who had two very hectic days.

I hope the management is working now on a decent and honest clarification for the 30 or 40 million active customers.

Some explanation concerning my previous post (see below) ...

This outage seems indeed to have happened several times in the past. See my 5 screen shots taken from the fantastic graphs of nyanyan.to !

The legend is this (as an example):
  • 060829 : "yymmdd" or "2006 - august - 29", therefore August 29, 2006
  • -1.9 M : means a sudden drop of 1.9 million concurrent users online
There are continuously people logging in, and others logging off. If there is a temporary login problem, as seems to have happened at least on the dates mentioned in the post below, only people can leave the P2P cloud, nobody can enter it again.

But it has (in the past) always been a very temporary phenomenon!

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