Autoredial is a FAX feature!

Some days ago i noticed in my Call Settings something i didn’t notice before:This shouldn’t be checked “on” by default, in my opinion! OK for a fax, you can go to the toilet (or whatever), and the fax will perhaps be sent after some attempts! But not for a phone! And Skype isn’t a fax application. I agree for the option, but it should be checked “off” by default!

But it isn't really a problem, the auto redial isn't automatic. You always get the following screen before "enabling" it for your particular call:(The screen above isn't shown when you uncheck the auto redial function).

On the other hand PamFax was launched (still in Beta version, and not for the USA and Canada!), see one of my previous posts, therefore this "redialing" feature can indeed be very useful in combination with PamFax!

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