IPEVO free.2

Somewhere in June i received the IPEVO free.2.
USB phone for Skype. I downloaded the last version of the installation software. Installation was ok, but i had some problems when testing the included recording tool: crashes, no recording, Skype crashes. I waited, till Phil Wolff of Skype Journal asked me: «did you test it? ». I tested it again (no new software available yet, but yes, quite a lot of Windows Vista updates).

First remarks:
  • neat and attractive design although ... my youngest son (17) didn't like it!?
  • Plugging it in the USB port of my vista computer, and it works at once as an ordinary microphone + phone system.
Then i installed again the software. Before telling the good things about it ... the recording tool started up this time, but i wasn't able to record, and i had again recording tool crashes, Skype crashes, etc. Is it Windows Vista, is it a Skype or is it the IPEVO software that isn't ok, i don't know. It works with XP, see a review here at Skype Journal.

I won't repeat all the comments made by Jan Geirnaert in the review mentioned, but only the strongest points of this phone and included software:
  • On your LCD screen you can easily scroll upwards or downwards through your Skype contacts with the green knob in the middle.
  • A recording knob on the phone is really great! While talking, when you think that it begins to be worth recording, just push the button! Fantastic.
  • And then this detail, but quite important: about 3 meter of USB cable! I like long cables for a wired device!
But still, a USB phone isn't my favourite device: you loose one hand (for holding the phone). I prefer a headphone (with a very long wire): both hands are free to use my keyboard while talking. For me there is only one alternative to the wired headphone: a wireless Skype phone, and even then: i would prefer a wireless headphone, to be able to continue cooking in my kitchen WITH BOTH HANDS while talking.

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