Pamela did it again!

Pamela is not the first answering machine for Skype, but it is in my humble opinion the best: go to their website here www.pamela-systems.com.

Yesterday they launched something a lot of people were waiting for: the first Skype Fax machine (for Windows only)! I won’t review it here, because Ike Roelfsema reviewed it on her blog 'Skype Life style', and answered some questions on it to!

One important thing to mention (copied from the PamFax website):

"You need an installed Skype Plugin Manager (do not uncheck "Install Skype Extras Manager" when installing Skype)".

I disabled the Skype Plugin Manager, because i don’t need it … or, i didn’t need it until now! I will perhaps have to change my mind!

And i also read this on their website:

"Why was Pamfax built?

Because we think many people would like to be able to fax using Skype credits from any location. Especially business people who travel a lot will appreciate the service."

So, yes, they target the right public: business people! That is what Skype should do again!

You can download it by clicking on the icon on the right!

Congratulations to all Pamela staff and beta testers! Fantastic!

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