Offline or online?

There is an option in the Skype client to show your Skype presence status on a website.

I use it on one of the websites i manage, on this blog, and it also is visible on the Skype blogs if you post a comment there.

However, there is one small problem: if your computer or Skype crashes, the web presence status shows the last status before the crash!Some days ago my computer crashed. I did restart it some 24 hours later, but in the meantime people going to one of the websites with my web status on it could think i was online. It means the Skype client sends (or doesn’t in case of a crash) the changes to a Skype server.

The Skype clients however check in a more dynamical way the web presence of the contacts in the Skype users cloud, and this gets updated correctly, even if Skype crashes.

This is one of the smaller bugs that exists already since the launching of the “web presence” feature, and that Skype should try to resolve. I reported this in the past.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think Skype's monster versions of the software is a tool to generating extra money? Personally, I stick to Skype 2.5 as newer and "improved" versions are to big - and I haven't found any new feature that is particularly money generating in the newer versions. Just lots of graphics and other annoying "cool stuff". No wonder that eBay revealed that the number of SkypeOut minutes is going down! And even worse, for Skype, Google is planning to launch a small, no-frills software in order to compete with Skype.

Jean Mercier said...

I am sorrow (for Skype) to agree with what you are saying here!

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing with Skype is that American users are given priority, whereas European users are in fact neglected as they don't get any particularly good offers anymore (the connection for example - which doesn't even exist in the USA - is very high in Europe). I could imagine that Skype soon will be transformed into a kind of Ebay-device, where Skype users are continiously fed with news and offers from the Ebay community. A step in that direction are the new "teasers" that pop up in Skype 3.5 beta. And if Skype users are supposed to be notified about headsets, why not all kinds of internal Ebay stuff as well? Anyway, Skype statistics is an interesting topic so I really hope that Jean Mercier will continiue to keep an eye on the further development of Skype. I hope Skype will immediately introduce a Light version and skip the rediculous connection charge!

Jean Mercier said...

As long as it stays fun for me i will continue to keep an eye on Skype growth, for sure ;-)

As for the connection fee: before this disgusting & disguised price increase i used Skype quite often to call to national Belgian landlines. Since then, i don't do it anymore, and my SkypeOut consumption is limited to the few international calls i have to do.

Unknown said...

Thanks a bunch! Fixed my issue. Visit :- Skype Support Also Call +1-800-231-4635 USA (Toll Free).