Summer recession finished!

Today i noticed we are definitely out of the summer recession period. Indeed i saw we reached 9575334 concurrent users online, slightly higher than my highest recorded number some months ago. Is this summer recession new? No, i already explained it in the past in “Holidays are bad”, but there is something deceptive about the Today, September 4
The graph shows:
  1. Summer recession 2005
  2. Christmas – New Year 2005-2006
  3. Summer recession 2006
  4. Christmas – New Year 2006-2007
  5. Summer recession 2007
But, the last two years i always saw the new “all times high number” around August 20. We are therefore 2 weeks late with recovering from the summer disease! Is Skype getting old?


Stephen Gornick said...

Has 10 million concurrent been reached?

I created a chart on Skype's growth in my post here:

Jean Mercier said...

No, not reached yet. But it really should be very very soon!

Nice graph by the way!