Spammers and Skype accounts

Skype is continuing to abusively “market” the number of registered users! You can find this phrase on their website: “over 220 million people from almost every corner of the globe have registered” . As i explained several times, and the last time here in “6% Japanese are Skypers” this is false.

But today i found an interesting comment from “Jim” on the Skype Forum concerning Skype SPAM:
"A Skype search reveals a list of 42 user names. 42 people using the same e-mail, or 1 spammer with 42 names? The choice is yours!"

I did a fast search on some of my Skype spammers (in my history tab) and i found 7 spammers. Including the one from Jim this gives 8 spammers totalling 173 usernames!
(Jim’s spammer had now already 51 usernames!)

So … i advice Skype to change its marketing phrase: we measure our success by the growing amount of Spammers registering usernames


Anonymous said...

Looks like we might get 10 million spammers by next week! You think?

Jean Mercier said...

This could be indeed ;-)