Download counter flawed?

I noticed that the downloads of the Skype client fell down to almost zero. Well, at least if i believe the numbers of the Skype RSS Feed (see the link on the left of my blog).

This is also visible from the blue download curve in the graph from nyanyan.to. (They also use the data of the Skype RSS feed).
Since September 10, it seems that the Skype client has been downloaded only 2000 times, compared to 2 million times in a normal period of 4 days! But i don’t believe this: i saw quite a lot of people on the Skype Forum with questions or problems concerning their newly installed Skype software, and i downloaded it myself 5 times (just to test) without any problems.

The only weird thing: the RSS feeds provides “false” data since the very same day Skype announced its Skype worm! Strange … related or not, and why?

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