Skype website popularity

How can an outsider like me try to have some indications about the speed of the growth of Skype?

Some numbers are publicly available, like:
And sometimes Skype independent data, like the one i want to show today:
This graph shows the ranking of the Skype website visits compared to other websites. Until the end of 2005, there was a clear increase in the ranking position. From 2006 on the popularity of the Skype website has gone down. Is this also an indication of the slower growth of Skype? I would guess so!

The blue arrow points to a sudden website popularity increase in August 2007, but this was due to the “unpopular” Skype outage.


Anonymous said...

Skype's popularity fell into recession almost the same minute Ebay aquired Skype. And Skype's initial popularity was based very much on the pioneer feeling, which practically died when the project was violently integrated with the Ebay business model. I predict that Skype ís going mature and that the number of users will stay at today's levels, and possibly decreasing due to competiton from other attractive VoIP-concepts such as Google Talk and MSN.

Jean Mercier said...

I agree on the Ebay factor.

I think however there is still some Skype growth ahead, but not at the speeds we were used to till 2006!

And competition is indeed one of the factors that slow downs the growth.

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks for the explanation Martin. Well, you seem to knopw a lot about Alexa! :-)

Everyone has its own specialty.