Respect my choice!

Today i received for two of my Skype spare user accounts an e-mail from Skype! I was shocked! I got both in French! My language account settings were for both accounts in English.

- What if i don’t speak French?
- What if i belong to the Dutch speaking community (60% of the country)?
- What if i belong to the small minority German speaking community?
- What if i belong to the many foreigners living in the country (immigrants from Morocco, Turkey, etc.), and more particularly in Brussels (European Community employees, and others)?

This is a complete lack of respect for the cultural identity of the inhabitants of my country! And i guess they made as usual the same mistake in other countries (Switzerland, etc.)!

And it isn’t the first time they make that stupid mistake! I blogged about it on Skype Journal in the past in “Is Skype forgetting its Customers?”, and there were also some complaints on the Skype Forum about it in the past!

Won’t they learn from their mistakes? I regret to say, but this lack of respect for the customer is something that happened often since they were Ebayed! Shame! (Yes i am angry!)


Anonymous said...

I can't beleive the blanket Belgium with French! At least go with the more popular Dutch.

But how do they know you are Belgian in the first place?

Jean Mercier said...

They don't know i am Belgian, they know the country through the account settings (see the first image!).

I don't agree with the "at least go with the more popular Dutch!": they should respect the choice of my account settings, be it Dutch, French, Spanish or Swahili! That is what i tried to explain!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't overreact, the e-mail sent to you was probably sent by a program ment to do that, maybe it has a bug in it. No need to be angry for some bug even though you already complained for it.

They got other, more important things to do! No offence ofcourse. :)


Jean Mercier said...
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Jean Mercier said...


But this isn't a bug!

But i am happy with your comment BmC!

Also because these are the same initials of my youngest son!