The official blabla!

I am quite happy with the official explanation of Skype concerning the outage in “What happened on August 16”, it is a quite convincing explanation.

But the problem isn’t completely solved yet: “Skype has now identified and already introduced a number of improvements ...

They could have been more precise in some of their answers! And fortunately they changed in the course of the day the phrase “massive restart of our user’s computers … after receiving a routine software update” … by "... after receiving a routine set of patches through Windows Update"

I still would like to see some more answers …
  • Skype says: “this event revealed a previously unseen software bug” … unseen? What happened on August 29 last year, and on some other occasions? Wasn’t this related? See my posts below and this here “Frozen Skype Cloud”!
  • And why did the number of downloads raise so fast during the outage?
  • And why was the Skype Forum down?
  • And why did they release a new update of their software during the outage storm, although from the change log it seems to be a minor update?
  • [EDITED] And found in the comments on the "official blabla": "why was I, a Linux user, booted? I wasn't trying to log in at the time? My server, and Skype had been running for several days." This is also a good question from sr.wombat!
Anyway, congratulations, they solved the problem! And i am a happy Skyper again.


Anonymous said...

"And why did the number of downloads raise so fast during the outage?"

=> that's quite logical, as many users didn't manage to connect, they thought that upgrading to the latest version might fix it.

"why was I, a Linux user, booted?"
=> quite logical too, the Windows Update cause a massive reboot of Skype clients, causing network instability, thus affecting every Skype clients, including Linux and Mac ones.

Jean Mercier said...

I agree with your first remark, but it would have been good to hear this from Skype Staff!

unless you are Skype Staff, Mr. Anonymous ;-)

The second one, i am not sure, unless every user is connected in the first place to a supernode! But, to be honest, i am not a specialist!