Slowdown of downloads

November has been a strong month for Skype in number of downloads. Of course there was the “British marketing Campaign”, the release of the new 3.0 beta version and some previous marketing campaigns in the USA and Canada. But this acceleration in the number of downloads seems to be ending …Before November, the speed of downloads fluctuated between 200 and 800 downloads per minute. In November I registered numbers fluctuating between 700 and more than 3000 downloads per minute. Now the speed is going down quite fast back to “normal values”.


Anonymous said...

Apart from the slowdown in downloads, what is going on with users online lately? It looks like we are pulling back below the 8 million maximum.

Jean Mercier said...

This is a normal seasonal behaviour: the Christmass - New Year period always shows a slowdown. Watch the second week of January, and the growth will catch up again!

Anonymous said...

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