New hidden emoticons

I was completely wrong in my previous post (this isn't the first time anyway!), there are NEW hidden emoticons:The codes are:
(poolparty) (swear) (bug) (fubar) (tmi) (mooning) (finger) (bandit) (toivo) (drunk) (smoke) (rock) (headbang) (flag:be) (flag:br)

Only the 5 first ones are new!
And the "flags" are not really hidden, and there are much more!

Thanks to the post of Jan in Malaysia, another crazy Belgian Skyper and blogger like myself, and from the same city (Ghent), although he lives abroad!


Anonymous said...

For all flag on Skype 3.0
Cheers Andrea

Jean Mercier said...

thanks Andrea,
especially that "matrix" form of representing the flags is very nice!

Nafcom said...

@andrea: Thanks! I have linked to it on my blog here! :) 8-)