Residential VoIP in USA

Somebody did send me the following link: In-Stat Reports 7.9 % of U.S. Households Now Use a VoIP Telephone Service

I will not reproduce the whole article (read it, quite interesting!), but made a graph with the data:

Nice, Skype in the first position!

Some remarks:
  • They say 9 million households use VoIP
  • This means more then 9 million persons
  • My guess: 2.5 persons per household (?)
  • 2.2 million Skype Households in the USA
  • Therefore about 5.5 million Skype Users in the USA?
Also interesting: “more than 40 % of client-based VoIP users use their residential VoIP service either in part or in whole for business purposes”


Anonymous said...

Hey Jean,
Consider the fact that this study is of just the USA, and that the portion of Skype's users outside the USA is probably around 85%. Vonage (the #2 in the list) has a small business in the UK I think, and MSN I suppose has some business outside the USA (but you can't really call MSN service VoIP. As a result, this "study" gives a distorted impression that Skype is just barely ahead of the others.


Jean Mercier said...

Hello Hudson,

The title clearly says: USA.
But indeed you are right: in other parts of the world, Skype has probably a higher part of the market then it is in the USA.

kritika said...
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