Headphone or USB phone?

Some days ago Johan told on his blog (in Dutch) that it is useless to have a “wired” USB phone for Skype.

I agree completely!

Yesterday i had to call to Bank Card Company (“BCC”, the emitter of my VISA credit card). I knew beforehand that i would be placed in a waiting queue for very long minutes! Therefore i decided to make a SkypeOut call.

Good news and bad news concerning the call quality:
  • Bad was the call quality, and the last weeks i experience this quite often for my local SkypeOut calls in Belgium
  • Good was that the Skype dial tones were very well recognised by the automated choice recognition system of BCC!
But … i was happy to have my headphone!
While i was waiting almost 14 minutes before a helpdesk operator attended my call, i could:
  • Use my both hands to continue typing on my computer
  • Walk around in my office (my headphone has a wire of more than 2.5m long !)
And when they picked up the call, i could complain, and still use my both hands on my keyboard to look for information concerning my complaint!

So, very happy with a headphone on my head!

What I would like is to have a “DECT wireless headphone”, not a Bluetooth, the range is too small! Then i could walk away to my kitchen or to the bathroom!


Nafcom said...

I think you mean "headset", headphone is without microphone!
And Merry Christmas! :)

Jean Mercier said...

To be he honest Jörg, there is a lot of confusion about both terms: they are used both, with or without microphone.

And ... it rimes better: "headphones - USB phone"

Jean Mercier said...

I forgot, Merry Christmas too, and happy New Year

Nafcom said...

Hmm, okay then.

And thank it you it was nice, Jean! =)