Twice Skype Mentioned!

Tonight i was at a meeting of my Consultants Association. Dramatic meeting: although there are several hundreds of consultants in Belgium, we never succeeded to attract more then 50 members. We are now less then 30, so we are thinking to stop the activities. It is a pity, because most are really very interesting people!

But that isn’t the point! We were about 12 people there at the meeting. And during the conversations i noticed that twice somebody mentioned Skype (no, i didn’t!) in relation to calls abroad to Russia and Spain! I know that at least 11 members have a Skype account, which is 1 out of 3.

Most consultants of our Association are small independent people, i mean not employed by bigger consulting companies (but sometimes used as subcontractors by them)!

Quite a good result for Skype!

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