Is SkypeJournal dead?

Yesterday i asked to another fanatic Skyper “Did you notice there seems to be some problem with Skype Journal?”. Well, she didn’t notice because she had been very busy with other things the last weeks.

Then about one hour later, another fanatic Skyper asked me: “what's going on with skypejournal?”

I really don’t know! What I know is that:
  • The last post is from December 4
  • In the newer posts there is a problem when you try to make a comment or click on the “continue reading …” button
  • There were no recent updates of the "comment river" (and comments always had unacceptable delays IMHO)
  • They copied one of my post (they got permission to do that even without warning me, although i would like to be informed), and the image of my post doesn’t appear in theirs!
  • Most recent posts where from Phil Wolff (Editor in Chief)
  • There is a small message saying “Thanks to our Founding Alumni: Stuart Henshall, Bill Campbell” and indeed they didn’t post anymore
  • Hardware or software reviews related to Skype have almost disappeared (Bill was mainly doing this – and it was one of the main reasons i was reading Skype Journal!)
So what? Dead or alive?

: a new Windows version released today (version


Anonymous said...

One of the thins I've always wondered is: if skypejournal is so famous, why people never comment the posts?

Jean Mercier said...

There were quite a lot of comments BEFORE december 4 in Skype Journal!