Phew ... SkypeJournal is back

I saw it this morning (well, in fact yesterday, because it is already 01:22 here) that the link was restored.

But much better, Alec Saunders got a comment on his “Skype Journal death watch” post from Jim Courtney, one of the two remaining main bloggers of Skype Journal, telling him that indeed posts will begin soon again after some technical issues are resolved.

Now, and i know this isn't very diplomatic or very kind, but here a chat conversation between myself and another famous Skyper:
[27/12/2006 14:14:45] I say: Skype Journal is online again, but without any change!
Agony ... (envy)
[27/12/2006 14:15:22] Skyper says: Soon they will post every hour to catch up
[27/12/2006 14:15:58] I say: Ah ... full of bullshit like it was usually in the last months
[27/12/2006 14:16:24] Skyper says: Since Bill left
[27/12/2006 14:16:27] I say: I miss the technical posts of Bill
(note that the two sentences above were typed simultaneously)
[27/12/2006 14:16:34] I say: yes, we agree!
[27/12/2006 14:17:26] Skyper says: of course we do

In fact, what i would like for the new Skype Journal:
  • philosophical discussions are sometimes ok (what i called "bullshit" above)
  • reports from visits to conferences are sometimes ok (also often bullshit IMHO)
  • reports concerning competing products is often ok
  • strategic or revenue information about Skype is ok
  • reports on user base growth is ok
  • reviews of new related software is ok (this is really lacking now!)
  • review of new related hardware is ok (this is really lacking now!)
  • and probably i forget some other topics
Ooh yes, one person was doing all the hard- and software testing, until Phil and Bill (or was it Bill and Phil?) quarrelled childishly on their own blog (i don’t care who was the bad guy, i care about Skype Journal!).

So … or reintegrate Bill, or replace him by one or two other hard- and software testers!

This is a very personal opinion, and my preference goes to posts on:
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Numbers
  • Strategy and marketing
I am sure others prefer the philosophical posts, conferences, competing products, etc.
That diversity in topics was the strength of a team of mainly 4 people! Now only 2 are left: hire the lacking competence!

But i am happy to see "agonising" Skype Journal online again, hoping they will be sane and alive soon!


Anonymous said...


Is there a new blog for Bill Campbell?

I lost my interest on Skypejournal a few months back... right about when Bill stopped posting (or at least stopped posting as often).

Jean Mercier said...

Interesting, this means already 3 persons liked Bill's posts!

Somebody else?

Nafcom said...

but he has no new blog :(

Jean Mercier said...

already 4!
Somebody else?

Gary said...

I must agree that Bill's post kept me constantly returning to SkypeJournal for his reviews of software/hardware. Always well written for the common Skyper, like me, trying to find all the utility Skype can offer. I must add that Skype and eBay have missed out on revenues that could be found through such advise to Skypers of new, perhaps untested/uncertified products. Perhaps a monthly newsletter from Skype is worth something to developers.

Jean Mercier said...

Thanks ... you are number 5!