Ta(l)ke off for Britain?

Around October 25 Skype released its Talk for Britain campaign.
Although the number and the speed of downloads isn’t a good indicator of the growth of the user base, it still indicates “something”. The last months the speed fluctuated between 200 and 800 downloads per minute, depending on day – night fluctuations. On October 25 i noticed (unaware of the Britain campaign – i am not British!) a speed of 1000 downloads per minute between 16h and 20 h GMT!
And since October 31 the speed has fluctuated between 400 and 2000 downloads per minute, more than double the previous speeds! This is also visible on the graph below.Could it be the British campaign is successful? The French campaign in September didn’t show such an increase in downloads, although there was probably a positive effect. It was probably quite unsuccessful and masked by the end of the summer slowdown, see my explanation about this phenomenon here.
In this post i made a guess that we would reach 8 million concurrent users online on November 6. I "guess my guess" was right: watch your screen on Monday around 14h GMT!