Skype benefactor

On January 2 i became a Skype Benefactor!

I am the administrator of a Skype Group also called “Skype for Business Control panel”, and one of the members didn’t use Skype for more than 6 months, therefore i lost “my” money!

In Africa 1.89 € is a lot of money, in Belgium it is about the price of a beer! But i am not happy at all to spill a beer!

Skype says “We’ve developed this tool for the person in your company in charge of the money.

Well, once allocated, i can’t take the money back. Or, when a member of my group leaves the company, i can’t use the credit anymore, unless the person gives me his password. So i am not in charge anymore, but the person using the account i allocated money to ... and Skype!

I don’t think there is one manager who will take the risk to put huge amounts of money in a lot of user accounts … to see part of his money vanish although it hasn’t been used!

Major improvements are needed to really attract bigger companies!

How to improve? Here my suggestion:
  • Skype could allow the administrator to create a group and to allocate several "owned" usernames to it.
  • Each username has two passwords, one only known by the group manager, and another one by the user of the Skype account.
  • The Group manager can always "if wanted" disable or reset the password of the user and get the money of his account back.
  • The user can't allocate money to his account, as it is a business account.


Anonymous said...

hi tropicaljantie from www.skype-watch.com here. well this is "unfortunate" jean.

what skype should do is listen carefully and take some in depth consulting from Sip.voip guys that are used to resell services to business, because like this the whole skype for business project is just going to end in a one big disaster.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why this would happen?

Jean Mercier said...

I answered on your own blog.