SkypePro, hmmm ???

Yesterday i presented the bad side of the new pricing strategy of Skype. Please don’t forget that I am located outside the USA or the UK, countries for which there are other pricing strategies!

Now the good news.

Skype stays free and calls from Skype to Skype also. So depending on your needs Skype can still be completely free, with video feature included!

But soon, for people who use SkypeOut, there will be Skype Pro!

What will it cost and provide:
  • A subscription fee of €2 per month
  • A connection fee of €0.039 for all SkypeOut calls
  • €0 per minute for calls to national landlines
  • Free Skype Voicemail.
  • €30 off a SkypeIn number (I don’t understand this, as a SkypeIn number costs now 30 € for one year!).
  • And some other discounts or free “unprofessional gadgets”
I therefore looked at my personal consumption of SkypeOut minutes of the last months, and indeed i could sometimes save money. Of course, in my simulation, i supposed that:
  • all landline calls to foreign countries should be paid
  • all calls to mobiles should be paid
  • all calls to landlines from Belgium are free (i live in Belgium)
  • for every above mentioned call i counted a connection fee
  • all SMS's should be paid
These are the numbers, based on December 2006:
  • Price increase if i don’t switch to Skype Pro: +62%
  • Price discount if i switch to Skype Pro: -33%
Based on May 2006 till January 18, 2007:
  • Price increase if i don’t switch to Skype Pro: +35%
  • Price increase if i switch to Skype Pro: +6%
I guess Skype made its homework, and that occasional SkypeOut users will pay for the heavy SkypeOut users, and that anyhow Skype will generate more revenue. But, we get free Skype Voicemail included in the price (and this is of course not a free lunch)!

Is Skype now copying the traditional telephone companies and their outdated market strategy? Asking a fixed fee, even if you don’t use the service? OK, I know, we still can choose between SkypePro and the “old way” + connection fee! But, for how long?

I really am astounded, and not in a positive way!

You want the raw rounded numbers: i did call for about €28 from May to now; this would cost me €38 without SkypePro and €30 with SkypePro if i have the same consumption pattern! Yes i know i am not a very big caller!

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