SkypeOut price increase

OK, this change means a price increase, as the usual fee per minute hasn’t changed for most countries!

But they also say: “Calls made as part of the Talk for Britain and US & Canada Skype Unlimited Calling plans are exempt from connection fees.

This will indeed bring quite a lot of supplementary revenue for Skype and higher costs for me!


Anonymous said...

Well I am leaving Skype for good. Isnt this ashame that they are screwing us now! It is not a smart move especially in a bad economic situation in the U.S. I say teach them a lesson and leave. They will get the message eventually. Supply and Demand is the name of the game. Just blowing off steam here.

Jean Mercier said...

Hey Scott,
Funny, you are reacting on a post of me that is 2 and a half years old!
Please calm down ;-)