SkypeIn Belgium: +3270xx?

The following is a partial free translation of the main financial newspaper De Tijd from the Flemish (Dutch speaking) part of Belgium, and now i understand better why there isn’t a SkypeIn service yet, and why it could probably arrive still this year!

Lower Threshold for new Telephone Players
The BIPT (Belgian Telecom Regulator) has prepared a new draft for the attribution of telephone numbers. One of the noticeable changes is the introduction of special network independent numbers for internet telephony (nomadic usage). These will begin with the prefixes 70 for persons and 79 for companies.

Two changes are even more important. The first one (the only one i will translate) implies that telecom companies can transfer blocks of numbers that were attributed to them, to other companies. This was already possible in the past, but was juridical unclear. The new telecom laws of the end of last year definitely stopped this. The old regulation made it virtually impossible for new players to enter the market: they had to ask permission to the BIPT, but this was expensive and very complicated. Now the threshold will go down again.
12/01/2007 - De TIJD


Anonymous said...


Ben net ook trotse bezitter geworden van skype wifi telefoon, spijtig genoeg enkel en alleen te gebruiken voor skype en skype out... :( Enig idee wanneer men skype in zal toelaten/klaar hebben in België? Nog in 2007?


Jean Mercier said...

Maanden geleden kreeg ik zogezegde insider info dat het voor september 2006 zou zijn.

Misschien september 2007? ;-)

Of één april?

Neen, ik heb er eigenlijk geen idee van!

Anonymous said...

Al enig nieuws?

Jean Mercier said...

Nada, rien, niets, nothing :-(

Anonymous said...

Zou het nog voor dit jaar zijn? Mogen we hopen...?

Jean Mercier said...

Geen idee, ook geen insider informatie, anders had ik mijn eerste woorden anders geformuleerd.

Ik denk niet dat België een prioriteit is voor EBay!

Anonymous said...

Any news on skype in numbers in Belgium. Still waiting....Thanks S. Pascoe

Craigo said...

I've just subscribed to Skype and its quite annoying that you can't get a skype in number in Belgium. I hope they will have numbers available soon!


Jean Mercier said...

No news about SkypeIn in Belgium on my side!

Anonymous said...

Please we need the info, when will there be a skype in service for Belgium?

PS: We are getting impatient!

Jean Mercier said...

Hey anonymous,

your request here in my blog is funny.

My answer is: you will not know it HERE from FIRST hand! NO WAY!

I am not Skype staff!

Therefore, complain to Skype ;-)

Ken said...

Please note that you can use the VirtuFon service to forward a number in Belgium to Skype: