Luis is pissed off!

I didn’t know the blog of Luis Benavides, but he really is pissed off:
Read here his comment on the undisruptive price policy of Skype!

Luis posted his whole comment also on the Skype blog here.

My friend Ike Roelfsema, a Skype forum Moderator, and the first woman who became a Skype Super User also complains here!!!

I guess most SkypeOut users wont make the calculation and will “think” the future release of SkypePro will make their calls cheaper. It often will NOT be cheaper, see my previous post here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jean! This is Luis Benavides, I'm glad that you are helping me to amplify our unhappyness with this change. And this change is not only not nice, but also not legal (it seems), please check my last post:
Is Skype breaking the user agreement? at:

Happy bloging!