Holiday lethargy

Every year around Christmas and New Year people pretend there will be a surge of users online because of people wanting to call their family. Of course there is a difference between “users online” and “calls”. Perhaps there are indeed a lot of calls on New Year, but according to the number of concurrent people online the contrary seems to be true, see the graph (adapted from a screen capture from www.nyanyan.to):

  • Before that on weekdays users online fluctuated between 8.4 and 5 million users online,
  • At weekends fluctuations between 6.8 and 3.7 million,
  • And as you can see: on New Year between 6.1 and 3.2 million.
  • Christmas was even worse! Maximum users online 5.7, minimum 4.2 million!
  • On January 2, still a lot of people stay in bed (hangover?), therefore not yet the 8 million.
By the way: hurrah!!!! Skype Journal is online again with a post yesterday by Jim Courtney!

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