Hudson Barton’s blog

He has published some interesting updates since he started his blog! His last topics are:
  • Skype Security Bulletin
  • Secondary Logins and Password Theft
  • Skype usage update
Secondary logins is also one of the things that Jan in Malaysia is complaining a lot about, and I agree with them. Skype should at least leave you the possibility to disable/enable this!

Concerning the usage of Skype, he is in my opinion very optimistic about the growth of Skype. I am much less optimistic. More on this in the next weeks!

His graph is quite interesting, but why does his graph rise above 9 million, we never reached this until now? (Edited: he commented below that this graph is predictive a month from now!).


Anonymous said...

Ha! I knew I could count on you to notice that. Didn't I say that the numbers were approximate.... and predictive of the situation a month from now? Anyway, I posted the graph merely to show the shape of the curve, not as a measurement of historical data. More will be posted later, and this time I'll use historical data. You won't notice much of a difference.

Jean Mercier said...

No, i didn't notice the predictive, but i adapted my post!