SMS problem (2)

Two Skype friends pointed out that the SMS problem, mentioned in my blog here, isn’t due to Skype.

One told me that his mobile did the same as the Skype client: “ç” stole some 90 character places. But when i tried with my mobile, this didn’t happen.

Another one pointed me to an interesting Skype Forum post here (yes, i know, i should have looked myself ;-).

In fact, i agree, this problem isn’t entirely due to Skype:

Some older mobiles don’t reassemble split messages correctly, so, ok, i recognise that i was wrong to blame Skype for this.

Concerning the special characters, Raul Liive, from Skype Staff answered a question related to it in the forum post mentioned above like this: “(SMS split in two) because € sign is not part of default character set and therefore SMS will be sent in UNICODE which has lower limit for message length.”

I agree this has to do with SMS encoding. But Skype could put some code in their client to circumvent this problem: why not detect those special characters provoking the UNICODE problem and replace them with other characters: “ç” with “c”, or “€” with euro? Or any other trick. IMHO this isn’t too difficult to program. And people will not get angry anymore! No, i don’t want to blush for this!

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