Copy profile text

Sometimes i discover some feature i didn’t know about.
I “right clicked” on the profile of a person hoping to copy only its picture … didn’t work. However all the text was copied on the clipboard. This is the result of copy-pasting the profile of “echo123” in this blog:
Skype Name: echo123
Full Name: Skype Test Call
Gender: Female
Language: English
Location: United Kingdom
Homepage: http://www.skype.com/help.html
About Me: "Hi, this is Skype automatic sound test service. Add me to your contact list and give me a call to test your sound setup. See http://www.skype.com/help.html for more assistance. Thank you."
Two remarks:
  • Depending where you right-click, you get two different “messages”, see the red ellipses on the screenshot.
  • Yes, if i need a screenshot, i know the “printscreen” button or the ALT+”printscreen” :-)

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