Belgacom recognizes …

... implicitly that Skype is it biggest competitor in VoIP!!!

Belgacom is the former Public monopolistic PSTN provider, and still the biggest telephone company in Belgium: they offer PSTN, mobile subscriptions, ADSL lines, webhosting and webdesign, hardware, etc.

Today i received a questionnaire with as title: “Do you think you pay too much for your telephone services?”, and i can win a webcam or USB watches!

But what caught my attention was this question:Translated (from Dutch) this means:
  • Do you already use VoIP?
  • If yes, which operator?
And a list of 6 companies! The first one mentioned is Skype! If they had been placed in alphabetical order, Skype would have been on rank n°4!


Anonymous said...

Why the crossed waved lines in the picture?

Jean Mercier said...

There were 6 companies mentioned, therefore the screenshot would have been too wide. I did therefore cut out part of the picture, and the "crossed waved lines" represent teared paper.

Nafcom said...

Thanks Jean! :)