I don’t understand anymore

I really don’t understand anymore the behaviour of the growth of concurrent Skype users online, or is the counting system of Skype flawed?

Today we hardly reached 8 million people online. Usually, on a Monday, we always beat the highest number of the previous week, unless there is a big Holiday in one of the major Skype User countries.

8 million today, compared to 8.150.000 last week, is about 2% less. The only country that had a day off today, was Mexico: Día de la Revolución (Revolution Anniversary). (The other 3 countries mentioned on this link havn’t a day off!).

According to some previous statistics of Ruell Consulting, Mexico represented last year 1.4% of the Skype population, therefore (unless Mexico grew a lot) it can’t be Mexico!

Strange, I really don’t understand anymore.


ONLYEBAY said...

Don't forget Thanksgiving on Thursday in the US. Many students are home for the entire week and some people manage to take advantage of the holiday by taking the entire week off. I think this is more likely than the Mexico effect.

Jean Mercier said...

This seems to be a good explanation!
If you are right, the whole week should be weak!
I am really curious!

Jean Mercier said...

Although there was growth, the whole week was waek! Top users online this Friday were lower than last Friday, therefore, YOU were right i believe!

Anonymous said...

Lots of people in the US also take Monday off for a long weekend. Tuesdays peak is nice and high...