Mea culpa … 3.0

My mistake (see my post below), Skype 3.0 has indeed quite some new features, as explained on the Skype website and in Skype Journal.

One of the features is the possibility to have a Wallpaper in the Skype client, but I didn’t find how to revert to the standard background!

Another feature are the Public Chats.
Jaanus, the Skype Main Blogger says: “what public chats offer are better moderation controls, letting anyone join without being “added” and letting you have a link to a chat straight on your webpage, e-mail or any other place.

And it seems they are moving towards better control of the features of Skype for IT managers! This phrase was taken from their new Skype Guide for Network Administrators : “Skype gives you control – You can turn off or configure a variety of Skype’s functionality or settings, including file transfer and the API.

Still another feature is the “Skype Extras”.Soon you will be able to play games or use other software tools through your Skype client! Aren’t they tackling too many user categories at the same time? Business users, gamers, chatrooms, callers, … ???

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