Borderless Communication

My Skype friend Hudson Barton blogs again! Hurrah! See his interesting graph on Skype concurrent users online by continent! Based on his personal calculation.
His blog is called Borderless Communication.
In fact a very appropriate title for a Skype blog:
  • Skype originated in Europe but …
  • My first contact was my Brazilian brother in law Cassio;
  • From the beginning on Skype was multilingual, there are 29 different languages for the Skype client and you can even edit your language file to your local slang, or create a new one!
  • Skype users are everywhere, just look at the different nationalities that visit my blog;
  • There is SkypeIn in 19 different countries on 4 different continents;
  • Skype belongs now to eBay (USA), has it official registered office in Luxemburg (for tax reasons), its marketing and commercial people mainly in the UK, but also elsewhere, and – last but not least – the technical staff mainly in Estonia;
  • Even on the Skype Forums there are now subforums in 5 different languages;
  • I keep in contact through Skype with people i know (people i met personally at least once!) living in Belgium (of course), and 20 other countries on all continents (i was myself surprised by this number)!
  • I keep in contact with friends and colleagues travelling abroad for business or holidays;
  • I used myself Skype when travelling abroad in at least 6 countries to communicate with family or professional contacts;
  • And, last but not least, i keep in contact with a lot of Skype Crazy Fanaticals (Bloggers, Forum (Super) Users, Beta Testers, and Staff) like Hudson Barton!

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