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I got a very interesting comment of Sascha Vitzthum on a previous post, and i distilled the following graph out of it:
According to eBay …
"Direct contribution consists of net revenues from external customers less direct costs. Direct costs include specific costs of net revenues, sales and marketing expenses, and general and administrative expenses over which segment managers have direct discretionary control, such as advertising and marketing programs, customer support expenses, bank charges, site operations expenses, product development expenses, billing operations, certain technology and facilities expenses, transaction expenses, provisions for doubtful accounts, authorized credits and transaction losses. Segment managers do not have discretionary control over expenses such as our corporate center costs …"

This means Skype had a 15% contribution compared to revenue in the last quarter. This is quite OK. From the graph we also see that 2007 will be probably the first year that Skype contributes really to eBay’s profitability.


Sascha said...


the quarterly report for eBay is in. However, the exact numbers for the direct contribution will not be out until the end of next month. They are reporting:

Skype contributed $115 million in revenue, representing 76% year-over-year growth, and posted a fourth consecutive quarter of segment profitability. Skype attracted new users at a rapid pace through the quarter and ended the period with more than 276 million registered users around the world.

Compared to the last quarter, revenue grew by 18%. "Registered User Growth" was 12% compared to the last quarter.

The report can be found at investor.ebay.com.


Jean Mercier said...

Thanks Sascha,

But i was indeed aware of the report.

And i posted already something right now :-)