avoid Skype Pro

I have complained several times about the fraudulent SkypePro advertising in the past.

Tony Austin, has posted a long but interesting explanation with the following title in ITWire: “1300 reasons to avoid Skype Pro in Australia”.

He begins his explanation with the phrase:
There are examples all around us of misleading and deceptive advertising, inflicted upon us either deliberately or due to the lack of attention to detail or even the incompetence of the advertisers. Where does Skype Pro stand in this regard?

And ends with:
Skype needs to change its Skype Pro documentation to read something like: "Pay nothing per minute for calls to landlines within the same country -- except for certain classes of landlines for which we'll charge the SkypeOut rate and not the Skype Pro rate and this will cost you much much more than nothing per minute!"

I have to agree 100% with Tony!
And Skype can't say they are not aware: the regular questions concerning the SkypePro costs on the Skype Forum don't go unnoticed by Skype Staff.

How much money is Skype taking from customers in Australia, Brazil and a lot of other countries with this misleading SkypePro advertising?


Anonymous said...

SkypePro is good only for U.S residents who don't neet to pay andy connection charge. In Europe, SkypePro is crap.

Jean Mercier said...

Not only in Europe Andreas :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
Exactly. And I don't think Skype should even market SkypePro outside US/Canada (the only place where SkypePro actually makes some sense). Anyway, since Skype became a part of eBay, the world outside US/Canada doesn't seem to have been given much priority.

NotesTracker - Tony Austin said...

I have written three subsequent updates to the original "1300 reasons" article. The fourth one (which ahas links to all the others) is SkypeOut pricing and voice quality - Part 4 (getting tired of waiting for Skype's reply)
... Cheers, Tony Austin.