1 million Skype allocations

My Skype account allocated me some Skype credit some days ago (May 25):
  • Amount allocated: 1.95 €
  • Allocation number: 1007895
  • Purchase order number: 95515924
What is a Skype allocation? It is Skype credit that you transfer from your account to other people through the Skype for Business Control Panel.

Is that a milestone? I don’t know! An allocation on its own doesn’t generate money!

In the meantime the number of Skype purchase orders will reach 100 million in the next days. This is indeed a milestone, purchase orders generate money!

All of them? Not really as explained in my previous post on this topic of October 21, 2006.

Quite strange indeed that an allocation gets two numbers:
  1. A purchase order number and …
  2. An allocation number
But this also means that not all “purchase orders” as defined by Skype are equivalent to income generation as it includes also:
  • vouchers
  • gifts (from Skype to some of its customers),
  • allocations
  • cancelled or rejected purchases
  • balance expirations
  • etc.

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