Suzuki & Skype

About one week ago i received the “happylife” magazine send by Suzuki Belgium to subscribers (mainly Suzuki owners of course).

Surprise, surprise … on page 22 there is an article about “Free phoning through the Internet”.

They use the generic term VoIP, and of course they mention Skype (www.skype.com) first, but they also mention and give links of the following alternatives:
The link with Suzuki in the article? I don’t know, not one word about it!

I already pretended the growth of Skype was slowing down, and apparently one of the reasons is the fierce competition since some months in the VoIP market. When even companies who have no links with the telecom business already begin to write about VoIP and to mention competing products, it really means there are good alternatives to Skype!

The difference will be made through the additional services each solution offers: video, file transfer, earning money through your calls, desktop sharing, price differentiation, encryption, open standards, etc.

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