Jaanus out, Ike in!

Again one of the eldest Skype staff leaving the company! IMHO there are not many left from the beginning ages. Why? Ordinary career moves or something else?

Jaanus Kase was the main Blogger of Skype, and was also Root Administrator on the Skype Forums. In the whole beginning his Forum Username was Terminus, don’t ask me why.

In my opinion he was a really important person for the “marketing” of Skype. And, i loved the fact that he always permitted criticism on Skype in the forums, and even discussions about competing products. Yes … very clever to listen to the Skype Users and what they say about Jajah, VoIPStunt and others!

We will miss him. But i guess he will continue to provide us his views on his personal blog or here in miscrandom.com. Good luck with your Master studies Jaanus!

From a “very good source”, i know that Ike Roelfsema (see my previous post in this blog) will take over a big part of his job. I happen to know Ike already quite a long time (i however never met her … i cyber-know her or skype-chat-and-call-know her).

Good choice … she is a nice person, and it is probably a gift for her to be able to combine her Skype-hobby-passion with a job!

Congratulations and good luck Ike!

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